A group of four people, including Jill Cook and Janet Russell, took over management of the Hive in April 2016, forming a Community Interest Company. The Hive CIO – or “Charitably Incorporated Organisation”-  formed in March 2019.  It was a big decision to change from being a CIC to a CIO, but in the end we realised that charitable status would be the best thing for the Hive, with a Centre Manager to focus on keeping the activities going at the Hive, and a Board of Trustees that has experience and skills to help us move forward. As we grow so will the number of our staff members, volunteers, and The Board of Trustees
Helen Aked, our Treasurer, joined us in April 2019 to support Jill Cook, our Centre Manager, with the financial reports for funding applications and for the Charities Commission. 
Andy Robertson also joined us in April 2019. His lifelong experience in youth work and instigating youth projects over a wide geographical area is a huge help when we are discussing new ideas for school age children and youth.  Andy found his niche at the Fireworks Night in December 2019, and his cheerful hard work for that event was really fantastic. 
Jana Young is now retired from running her own small business, having previously worked in Education both in the UK and abroad.
Janet Russell has worked as a self employed musician for most of her life, but has also worked as a medical secretary/PA, in a language school, and as a temp in various businesses.
Janet and Jana, two of the founding Trustees, carry on general research and help Jill manage the bureaucracy and paperwork needed to establish the position of the Hive in our community, and also do some applications for new grants.  We thank Keith Moran, who helped us set up the CIO initially as one of the three founding Trustees, and we wish him all the very best as he moves on to pastures new. 
The Trustees work together with the Hive management to plan for the future, which includes reaching out to everyone in our community for their ideas about things they would like to see happen at The Hive.   Together we consider how to develop The Hive to make it the best possible place for the people of Silsden and the surrounding area to experience all sorts of events and activities.  These range from birthday parties to book clubs, Taekwondo to Tango,  singing to stitching, firework displays to movies. We can cater for, and welcome, babies, toddlers, teenagers, twenty somethings, young parents, grandparents, in fact, people of all ages!
We have big ideas for the future and we would love to hear from you about what you would like to see happen at The Hive.  The Board of Trustees is now looking for more volunteers to join our Board.  Please contact us if you think your skills and experience could help The Hive to realise its aims and objectives. New Trustees will be helped to become confident in their role.  Our intention is to offer the town of Silsden and the wider locality more and different opportunities for leisure, education, health and wellbeing.
 For more information:
Get in touch with us by email here: janet@thehivesilsden.co.uk
Or leave a message for us on the Hive phone number, and we will phone you back:  01274 407279

Janet Russell

Chair of trustees

As the choir leader of Silsden Singers we met at the ‘Youth Club’ each week to rehearse. We were advised that due to cuts in Bradford Council’s budget, the venue may be closed. I realised the whole community would be losing a very valuable community asset.  Jill Cook and I met with members of the council and after some thought Jill and I formed a Community Interest Company (CIC) along with two other residents of Silsden who were also keen to see the venue remain open.

Having worked in retail and service industries, as an agency secretary for 5 years in London for various business types, (eg. a language school, an import expert business, legal firms, and the London School of Ophthalmology). I started to be able to earn my living as a folk performer, songwriter, and workshop leader, which I have done now for 35 years as a “sole practitioner”.  This has included writing grant bids (both national and European) for a small arts company, and instigating singing classes for all ages from pre-school to senior citizens.  I have worked in schools, colleges, retirement homes, and prisons, and been invited to work as a guest choir leader and workshop leader all over the UK. I have also brought up two sons with my partner in Silsden. 

I have travelled and worked extensively in Europe and the USA, performing and teaching, and am a member of the Musician’s Union and the Natural Voice Network.  I have a degree in French and German language and literature from St Andrews University, and a Post graduate Diploma in European languages and marketing.

Helen Aked

Trustee & Treasurer

Helen is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience in practice and a variety of businesses. Having moved to Silsden 4 years ago Helen joined as a Trustee for the Hive in 2019 to help provide additional support with the strict compliance requirements of managing charity finances.

Andy Robertson


Details to follow

Jana Young


I became a Trustee to be part of a valuable team that would help Hive develop as a vibrant community centre.
With several years experience in sports education, coaching, and community facilities management, I am very aware of the importance of feeling part of a community that takes pride in togetherness and success. Before retiring I owned a small retail business which, like my previous work, needed thoughtful planning to enable ideas and people to flourish. I believe that as a Trustee I will be able to use some of these experiences to help Hive to thrive.

Piers Lane


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