What is happening?
Silsden is in danger of losing another piece of green space and this time it is one that is used daily by local children, families, local sport clubs, fitness groups and dog walkers. The Hive Community Centre use it throughout the year to provide entertainment for the community of Silsden and the surrounding areas.

The Hive Silsden CIO is a registered charity that runs The Hive Community Centre in Silsden. We have applied to Bradford Council for this piece of land to be registered as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) and it has been brought to our attention that once the new school has been finished, then Bradford Council will be looking to sell off the two school sites and this field. This decision was made in 2016 by the Executive Board for Bradford Council. They have already asked the Secretary of State for permission to sell the land and this has been granted, however, there is still a public consultation to take place before they put the land up for general sale.

Bradford Council need to do a few things first:
  • If Bradford council agree to the land being registered as an Asset of Community Value, then we will have a ‘right to bid’ meaning we could buy the land at an estimate of One Million Pounds!
  • Bradford Council Planning department will need to consider the Neighbourhood Plan which identifies the field as being ‘protected for sport & recreation’ (see point 5.51)
  • They will need to consult with the General Public
  • Bradford Council will require vehicle access to the field before any developer would be interested in buying the land. Bradford Council have made two suggestions for access to the field:

1) The Hive entry road next to the fire station, through the car park and past the MUGA
Should a busy access road be imposed on our site, The Hive’s future will be placed in danger of closure if we cannot provide good safety measures for everyone, but especially for our pregnant mums, toddlers and elderly visitors.

2) Taylor Avenue
The boundary at the bottom of the field belongs to owners of houses on Taylor Avenue, therefore, Bradford Council will need to either purchase the land from the current owners or apply for a compulsory purchase of the land.

What have The Hive Silsden CIO done so far:
  • Applied for the field to be registered as an Asset of Community Value (ACV)
  • Commissioned a solicitor to investigate the history of the field
  • Obtained documents from the West Yorkshire Archives to pass to the solicitor
  • Asked Robbie Moore MP for help establishing more details from the council and for support with the campaign
  • Asked our Ward Councillors and Silsden Town Council for support
  • Written to the Secretary of State to clarify that Bradford Council gave the full picture of how the land is currently used and where it is within the town
  • Established that an access road could not go through the private allotments off Elliott Street
What can you do about it?
  • Do you live on Taylor Avenue – do you have anything in your deeds that could stop access or any reasons why they cannot build on this field?
  • If you live in Silsden – do you have any information about the field and can you back it up with a document?
  • Tell your friends and neighbours and get the word out that Silsden will not lose another green space
  • sign the petition

How you can make difference?

Get everyone in your household to Write a letter or send an email and tell the Government and Bradford Council why you want to ‘save our field’ (it must be in your own words). It doesn’t need to be ‘War & Peace’ just your reasons why you want the field to stay and no be built on.

If you have children, please get them to write too and ask them to put their age after their name.

Please use the reference ‘Silsden Neighbourhood Plan SWE11/2’

Email addresses (send to all listed below):

Please note that the link above allows you to open your email provider pre-filled with the above email addresses and the reference in the subject. However, some email providers may not work properly, therefore you will need to add them yourself.


Postal Addresses:

Robbie Moore MP

House of Commons
SW1A 0AA  

Office of the Chief executive (Kersten England) & Leaders Office (Susan Hinchcliffe)
Bradford Metropolitan City Council City Hall

Please send a copy of your letter to The Hive Silsden CIO
The Hive, 53-55 Elliott Street, Silsden, West Yorkshire, BD20 0DE 

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