Running a Community Centre

Running a community centre is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs I have ever had. I love that every day is different, we meet new people and help so many too. It is rewarding when we see how much we have achieved over the last 5 years and we have so much planned for the next 5 years too – Watch this space!

One of the hardest areas to keep up with is the maintenance and repairs of the building and after the last year with no income from hirers and things getting older and needing to be replaced, we really do need some help to cover the costs. Sadly sometimes when I walk into work I find that something has been damaged. Whilst we expect some accidental damage, sometimes it is just vandalism.

New bin store (only built in 2020 for £480)
We had to take the doors off as someone kept damaging & breaking the locks.


Replacement doors & locks will cost £300
Build a shelter near the MUGA cost £1000

Cigarette bin kicked many times causing the lock to break

We will provide a metal bucket with sand in for events in the future

Post box kicked many times, cannot open the door to get the post out as it has been pushed in so far.

Replacement robust Post Box cost £50-£100

Sign split, possibly a football kicked at it by accident

Replacement sign will cost £300

Wood in the lock for the gas meter
Groundsman managed to get it out so no cost

As we have been intermittently open and closed throughout 2020 and into 2021 we have found that things have been getting damaged more and more. By no means am I pinning this on anyone person or group of people, I get it, nothing to do, nowhere to go. Having said that, the damage costs money, which takes away money that we desperately need to enable services to resume and for new services to blossom.

We have spent over £30,000 this last financial year on utility bills, maintenance and repairs, to ensure we are compliant for Health & Safety and for Insurance purposes. We applied for and received some grants which have gone towards this spend, however, for the shortfall we rely on fundraising and donations.

Now we are heading back to ‘normal’ these costs will increase as the centre is used more and more, which means we need to find new hirers to fill the gaps available, find grants to keep our staff employed and support from our community to keep this vital resource open.

There are many ways you can help:

I won’t deny that running a community centre is hard work, however, we have such a dedicated team of trustees, staff and volunteers that it really does make this the best place to go each day.

Thank you for your support.

Jill Cook – Centre Manager

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