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Silsden Youth Club before the Daisy Chain Children’s Centre
was built (before 2010)
The building as it is now – The Hive (since 2016)

Help The Hive

When we took over the building in 2016 to ‘SAVE THE YOUTH CLUB’ we did not foresee that five years later we would be running a growing organisation with 10 members of staff, 5 Local Trustees and a regular bank of volunteers all on hand to help us out in various ways at events, activities and to help with recycling and administration tasks.

Through the hard work of staff, trustees and volunteers, The Hive is now known by many in Silsden and the surrounding areas. However, we still struggle to get the message out that The Hive is run by a Charity, known as The Hive Silsden CIO, which is registered with the charity commission (No. 1182526). We also need to get the message out that our funding comes from fundraising events, raffles, tombolas and grants and that we do not generate a huge amount from hiring out the centre or from our own groups (although every little helps!).

In order to stay open we need people to donate or fundraise on our behalf, and for local businesses to sponsor us so we can then concentrate on applying for the larger grants that we need to cover our core costs.

In 2021 we have spent over £20,000 just on repairs and maintenance and we were lucky that this cost was covered by grants. The Harry Tillotson Trust helped us in January and again in October to have essential works carried out on the shutters and emergency lighting. Silsden Town Council, who have always been supportive, have also provided a grant for us to use towards these costs and other core costs.

We want to continue for many more years; to provide a space that is affordable, to be able to offer free space to the Health sector for our parents and children, to be a go-to place for support and information, be a safe environment for our children and teenagers to play and a fun place for our community to enjoy various activities and events. BUT to do that we need your support.

How can you help?

Every little help:

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us in the past and we hope you can help us now to make sure we can continue long into the future.

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