FAQ’s for Lockdown 2

I have a child under 5 years – can I attend a stay and play session?

Yes, you can, we are running groups with limited numbers.  To book a session, please use the following links:

Baby Bees, 2 week to 5 months – https://buytickets.at/thehivegroups/444944

Baby Bees, 6 to 12 months – https://buytickets.at/thehivegroups/444949

Mini Bees, 12 mths to pre-school – https://buytickets.at/thehivegroups/444953

Please note, we cannot accommodate older siblings at the Baby Bees session, but we can welcome younger siblings to a Mini Bees session – but please let us know when you are booking them.

I usually attend Bumble Kids, Rhythm Time or Moo Music at The Hive – are these still running?

Unfortunately, these groups are unable to operate during national lockdown.  Each hirer will be providing online activities during this time and you can find details of these on their individual Facebook pages:




Can I visit the midwife?

If you have made an appointment with the midwife, then you will continue to have your appointment at The Hive as usual.

Can I visit the Health Visitor?

If you have made an appointment with the Health Visitor, then you will continue to have your appointment at The Hive as usual.

Can my partner, parent or friend attend an appointment or group with me?

Unfortunately, at the moment we are not able to allow more than one adult to attend an appointment or group. 

I am booked onto a group, but I don’t feel well, can I attend?

Please do not attend until you feel better.  Please contact us on 07794 366439 to cancel your booking so that we can offer it to another person. 

I have a midwife or Health Visitor appointment, but I don’t feel well. What do I do?

If you have a midwife appointment, please do not attend and contact Karen on 07887 651352 or Vicky on 07584 548654 for further advice.

If you have a Health Visitor appointment, please do not attend and contact 01274 221223 for further advice.

Me or a member of my household is displaying Coronavirus symptoms, awaiting a test result or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive. What do I need to do?

You MUST stay at home and self-isolate, please do not come to The Hive.  If you require further advice you can contact the Coronavirus helpline online or by calling 119.

Do I need to pay when I come to The Hive?

Yes, we charge £1 per child (with the exception of multiples) for our stay and play groups and ask for a donation towards tea and coffee.  We can only accept correct change if you are paying cash, but we are able to take contactless payments – just tell us how much donation you would like to pay on top of the £1 per child charge.

We rely heavily on donations to ensure the smooth running and low cost of groups and activities at The Hive, now even more than ever.  When you are making your payment, if you would like to add extra on for a donation, we would very much appreciate it.  There are also details here of how you could support us by making a one off or regular monthly donation.

Do I need to wear a mask at The Hive?

Yes please, unless you are exempt.  You can remove your mask in The Hive when you are seated within a group – you will be advised about this by your group facilitator.

Is The Hive COVID secure?

Yes.  We have implemented many measures to make The Hive COVID secure. 

  • There is a one-way system in and out of the building
  • There is sanitiser available outside the door and at several points around the building. 
  • There are various social distancing markers inside and outside the building
  • Staff are always on hand to advise and reassure
  • Masks must be worn (unless exempt) by visitors and staff alike while travelling around the building.  They can be removed while you are seated.
  • Cleaning has been increased around high touch point areas and wipes are also available around the building. 
  • Toys are wiped and, where appropriate, swapped in between groups.
What can I expect when I come to a stay and play group?
  • You can expect a friendly welcome along with a brew and chat, as well as a variety of activities and/or stimulation for your child. We are a COVID Secure facility and work very hard to make sure you feel safe but welcomed when you arrive.
  • When you arrive at The Hive, there are coloured markers along the fence to indicate where you should wait, if there are other people in front of you.  At the front door (Daisy Chain) you will find sanitiser and wipes.  When you press the buzzer to let us know you are here, a member of staff will come to the door and enquire that you are well and ready to attend the group.  You will be shown in and either shown where to wait, or shown straight into the room if it is ready.  If you are the next person in line, please wait for a member of staff to come and let you in, rather than coming in at the same time as the person before you, so we can ensure social distancing.
  • You will need to sanitise your hands and your child’s hands before you enter the main room, then once you are in the room and sat down, you may remove your mask.  If you need to get up to attend to, or take part in an activity with, your child, go to the toilet, or for any other reason, you must wear your mask while active please.
  • When the group has finished, we will ask you to leave one at a time through the middle exit door.
  • Please use the toilet or baby changing one at a time – there are wipes provided in the toilets to wipe down touch points when you are done.
I am a Childminder – am I able to attend a stay and play session?

We are unable to allow Childminders to attend any sessions at this time.  This is something we will be looking at in the New Year, pending restrictions.  Please keep an eye on our website for more information.

Are other groups such as Police Drop In or Community Café running at The Hive?

No, these groups will not be running during the national lockdown.  We will update everyone on the new dates for these groups once we know when we will be able to return.

Can I drop my recycling off at The Hive?

Please DO NOT bring your recycling to The Hive during the national lockdown.  Please keep it at home where possible and keep checking our website for news on when we can begin to accept it again.

Can I drop a uniform donation off at The Hive?

Please DO NOT bring your uniform donation to The Hive during the national lockdown.  Please keep it at home where possible and keep checking our website for news on when we can begin to accept it again.

I sometimes or would like to volunteer at The Hive, can I still do this?

As much as we appreciate your efforts, I’m afraid we cannot allow volunteers to come and help at The Hive during national lockdown.  If you would like to volunteer after lockdown and are not already in touch with us, please drop us a message via Facebook or hello@thehivesilsden.co.uk.

I would like some advice not listed here – how do I get in touch with someone?

That depends on what you would like to ask.

If you are looking for advice regarding anything pre-natal, or for a young baby then please get in touch with emily@thehivesilsden.co.uk

If you are looking for advice regarding anything at The Hive to do with toddlers or older people then please contact debra@thehivesilsden.co.uk

If you are not sure who the best person to help you, or would just like some help finding a service that we don’t currently offer you can contact hello@thehivesilsden.co.uk and we will direct you as best we can.


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